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Terms and conditions

General Contract Terms and Conditions (T&C)
Art and community are the two main pillars of our project. But because our service is (for all concerned) also a matter of business, the provision of a set of standard rules with respect to these business transactions is unavoidable. To this end, the following General Contract Terms and Conditions have been drawn up, and shall be agreed between you and us:

(we are AV Global Studio SRL, Lugoj Street, no.61, 012212 Bucharest, Romania. E-Mail:


Our platform at allows you to take advantage of our services. These services are presented here in a short summary:

You can order prints of the works to be provided by us for your own use.
For reasons of clarity, these General Contract Terms and Conditions are divided into three parts: Part A concerns all general provisions and rules for use of our online service. Part B concerns the return policy. Part C contains general concluding provisions.

1. Who can register?
1.1. Registration is restricted to natural persons of full age and legal capacity, legal persons, or partnerships. In particular, minors are not permitted to register. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

1.2. We must ask that all information requested upon registration is entered completely and correctly, e.g. first name and surname, current address (not a post-office box), telephone number (no value-added service number), a valid e-mail address and, where necessary, your VAT registration number(s) and indication of any applicable VAT rules. We shall be entitled, though not obliged, to check the validity of all indications made.

1.3. Where registration is completed with respect to a legal person, registration may only be made by a natural person with necessary authority. This person must be named.

1.4. Should any or all of the information indicated at registration subsequently change, it shall be incumbent upon you to correct the information without delay.

1.5. On registration, a user name and password must be selected. The user name must not infringe the rights – in particular copyright or trademark rights – of third parties. Further, the username must not be misleading and must not be contrary to public policy or break the law. We shall be at liberty to define formal rules and restrictions for new user names and to reject existing user names – including with retrospective effect.

1.6. Passwords must be kept confidential and account access must be safeguarded. You shall be compelled to inform us without delay, should any suspicion arise concerning misuse of the account by third parties.

2. How are our services provided?
2.1. Availability
We ask for your understanding that we are only able make the VStudio website and its functions available for use within the limits and scope of current technology.

2.2. Maintenance
For reasons of further development and security as well as in the interests of an error-free service, we shall undertake regular maintenance work on our system. To this end, and with due regard to your interests, we shall be entitled temporarily to interrupt or restrict the provision of our services. Insofar as possible, such maintenance work shall be carried out in times of minimal use. Should longer periods of interruption or restriction be necessary, we shall notify you of the type, extent, and duration of the impairment provided that this is possible in light of all the circumstances and that such notification does not prejudice or delay necessary repair to any existing interruption of service.

2.3. System interference and breakdown
You will be aware that according to the current state of technology it is not possible for works to be made available for viewing on the internet entirely free of system interference and breakdown. We therefore accept no liability for non-accessibility of works on account of technical problems with communication networks, security breaches by third parties (e.g. denial of service attacks) or incomplete and/or dated offers on proxy servers (temporary caches), where such is beyond our control.

Services such as printing, framing and mounting, etc.
This section concerns our services with regard to printing, framing and lamination of works carried out by us at your request.

1. What services do we provide?
Where requested through the input assistants on the VStudio website, we provide the following services: We prepare physical prints and copies, that is, the digital data are reproduced on to a material which may then be framed or laminated as desired, e.g. for your personal use.

2. Workflow, production clearance, termination
2.1. A contract of sale shall not be concluded until we send the ordered product to you. For the avoidance of doubt, the contract shall not include products included in the same order which were then later not included on the delivery papers. The costs of delivery shall be invoiced. The extent of delivery costs will be indicated on order. Should any taxes or excise duties be incurred in case of delivery to a country outside the EU, all such costs shall be borne by you.

2.2. All delivery deadlines indicated by us are non-binding. We shall be entitled to make part delivery.

2.3. We draw your attention here to the fact that for this part of the contract a return policy under is excluded, as the works are produced in accordance with your own individual specifications and are clearly personalised.

3. What remuneration do we receive for our services?

The remuneration for our services as set down in Point I.1. of these General Contract Terms and Conditions is calculated with respect to the current price list available for viewing at as specified within the order process. We shall at all times be entitled to change the price list for future orders without prior notification.

4. How does billing work?

4.1 is part of AV Global Studio SRL.

The buyer pays the sale price by credit card or by PayPal upon placing the order (pre-payment).

4.2 If the domestic or foreign VAT identification number of the orderer cannot be validated as part of the qualified confirmation request via the VAT Information Exchange System of the European Commission (VIES), or if the orderer has not provided their VAT identification number while placing the order, the order will be invoiced with VAT, also in case of cross-border delivery. The risk of non-validation of the indicated VAT identification number shall be borne by the orderer if this is based on circumstances beyond the responsibility of VStudio.

5. What guarantee applies to our services?

5.1. In case of defect, we shall be entitled, at our option and within a reasonable period, to make new delivery or to repair the defect. Should the attempt to deliver a new or to repair the defect be unsuccessful, you shall be entitled your option either to rescind the contract or to demand an appropriate reduction in price.

5.2. The papers, dyes, chemicals and other materials used in our materials and manufacturing processes may, like other dyes, show trivial changes over time. These changes may be different from one production batch to another. Such discrepancies in product characteristics shall not form sufficient basis for defect.

Customer Satisfaction & Return policy

In the unlikely event that you would not be satisfied with your product, simply contact customer service within 14 days of receiving your order by emailing with:

Your name
A detailed description of the problem
Your order number
Some pictures of the issue
Including these things will help us to resolve things quickly. Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to be in touch with you.

We cannot provide exchanges or refunds due to damages caused by customer handling, storage or treatment.

We reserve the right to request that your return the product to us and at our discretion; offer an exchange or reprint; issue store credit for items not including shipping; take no action; or, on the rare occurrence (in that we have exhausted all possible solutions and cannot find a resolution), offer a refund. Please ensure the work is packaged appropriately and that it is protected. Ideally, use the original packaging in which the item was delivered, including all protective material. You are responsible for covering the regular cost of return postage.

General concluding provisions

6. For what term will the General Terms and Conditions apply?

The General Terms and Conditions shall apply for the entire term of the contractual relationship between you and AV Global Studio SRL. They will also apply for all future transactions and other business matters, without requiring a renewed confirmation in each individual case, until they are amended or the contractual relationship has been terminated by deleting the user’s data.

7. How can we amend the General Terms and Conditions?

We reserve the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time without further explanation. In such case, we will explicitly notify you on our Webpage of the amended General Terms and Conditions. Your agreement will be required before any amendments are to take effect.

Date: October 27, 2020