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Are you looking for a way to decorate your bedroom, living room or even your office with Abstract Fine Art Prints Made in Luxembourg?

Thanks to a large variety of unique images from Luxembourg and Europe, VStudio Luxembourg can make this wish happen. VStudio is managed by Victor Voicu who is a professional photographer with an experience of over 10 years in photography.

If you are looking for Abstract Fine Art Prints to brighten up your office, to fill your walls or you are in search for a gift no mather the ocassion, we are here for you.

We care about quality and for this, VStudio uses high quality photo paper for all the Fine Art Prints available on the website, working with one of the best photo lab worldwide.

We have 4 types of Abstract Fine Art Prints

1.  Direct print on Aluminium Dibond :
    • Every photo is directly printed on the aluminium using a modern, 7-colour technique using top-grade UV Fine Art inks.
    • Direct prints on aluminium are matte and glare-free, but the whites and bright areas have a faint, silky gloss.
    • It is 3mm thick and has 3 layers (2 aluminium layers and a black polyethylene core).
    • The Alumium Dibond Fine Art Print is Water Resistant.
    • Integrated Wall-Mounts For Direct Prints On Aluminium Dibond.
2. Direct print on Forex :
    • Offers a state-of-the-art, seven-colour print with UV-curable inks for full resolution and great detail at an affordable price.
    • Extremely robust and lightweight.
    • Matte surface.
    • Direct Print on Forex Fine Art Print is Water Resistant.
    • Integrated Wall-Mounts For Direct Prints On Forex.
3. HD Metal Print*:
      • Especially durable premium product.
      • Extremely lightweight (only 1mm thick), perfect for larger formats.
      • Weather-resistant, making it suited for outdoor display.
      • Special transparent coating on the front and a silvery look from the back.
      • Integrated Wall-Mounts For Direct Prints On HD Metal Print.

 *Please note: despite using the latest techniques, the printing process can result in minor surface imperfections or irregularities resulting from the material itself.

4. Print under matte Acrylic 2mm:
    • Matte acrylic glass, 2mm thick.
    • Photo print & sealed with elastic silicone.
    • 3mm thick sturdy Aluminium Dibond back.
    • Integrated Wall-Mounts For Prints under matte Acrylic 2mm.

Important note

All the Abstract Fine Art Prints comes at you with a protective cover and placed in art-secure packaging.We pass your photo to the art shipping professionals straight from the laboratory.